Fulton Farmers Market Grows On You

Gardens of Eagan vendor

Gardens of Eagan has fresh the farm produce, including sweet green onions and kale.


The Fulton Farmers Market easily becomes a weekly habit. Like clockwork every Saturday morning during market season, my family meanders over for a farm-fresh food fix.

Bursting with neighborhood charm as cozy as a homemade quilt, the Fulton Farmers Market ranks as a weekend destination point and never a cumbersome, ho-hum, got-to-go-there-because-I-need-something, desperation-driven sort of errand. Similar to the older sister Kingfield Farmers Market, this is a place where the big city feels like a small town.

A Lake Wobegon skit could take place for real among the makeshift vendor stalls and rickety folding tables lined along the shadows of the Lake Harriet United Methodist Church. Kids play, neighbors gossip and vendors from all over showcase their prize foods and more.

Fulton market Eggs Waxwing farm

Waxwing Farm features beautifully fresh, produce, plants and eggs.


Seasonal Selections

If fruits or vegetables are in season locally, chances are they will be available at the Fulton Farmers Market. The cornucopia varies week by week with raspberries, strawberries, honey, peas, kale, corn, carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and other enticing healthy finds. Besides the standard famers market produce, more unusual items like dainty dots of gooseberries, crisp mounds of micro greens and lunar-looking king oyster mushrooms make appearances.  Some of my favorite vendors for quality, fit-for-Mother’s-table, fresh produce include:

Fulton market cocnut cupcakes Nutella frosting

These coconut cupcakes from guest baker Sift Gluten Free have swirls of Nutella frosting and are gluten free.


Throw in a few brand-name, nationally-recognized ready-made food vendors and a stellar farmers market shines with possibilities. Feel like a real Julia Child-style French pastry, gourmet fresh hand-cut pasta, wood-fired custom pizza or fried-to-order serving of hangover hash? It is all here and more. Food comes in many appetizing forms from an impressive line-up of vendors, including:

Big River pepperoni pizza

It’s never too early in the morning for a Big River Pizza.


Just The Right Size

Low stress shopping around the busy corridors of the 50th and France and Fulton neighborhoods comes at a premium. Yet, the Fulton Market has mastered the precious space to vendor ratio with accommodating grace for all concerned.

With a spacious layout that stretches half of the more than football field-sized, church parking lot, navigating through the Fulton Famers Market is easy even during peak times. Yes, you can actually mosey through the market, take it all in, circle back and feel at ease.

Ageless Fun

Some planned entertainment event is always on hand at the Fulton Farmers Market. Activities vary from week to week but include everything from live puppet show theater to hands-on market lawn sign design and an occasional cooking demonstration from a local business like the Edina Grill.

The Urban dog owner and dogs

The Urban Dog owner Cathy Menard and her staff provide pet sitting for market visitors.


Dog Sitters

The Fulton Farmers Market packs in dog visitors. Often, farmers market folks are dedicated dog people.  When the family goes to the market, doggie comes along too.

In a true spirit of dog-friendly accommodation, the Fulton Market has a dog sitting service. The Urban Dog loves to watch every kind of dog – big and small — and will do so for up to ½ hour on a complimentary basis. Dog owners can shop at the Fulton Market and know that their pets are in good hands.

Uproot farm produce vendor

The Uproot Farm has a tempting selection of healthy vegetables for sale.

Market Memories

A pleasant parade of people come every Saturday by bike, car and on foot. The Fulton Farmers Market brings together a world of fine, fresh food and fun family fun that builds community. Some habits are too good to ever break.

Location, Dates and Hours

The Fulton Farmers Market is located at 4901 Chowen Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410, (612) 207-7893. For the 2013 season, the market is open every Saturday from May 18 – October 26 during the hours of 8:30 a.m.  – 1 p.m.

Fresh herry baskets

Cheery cherry baskets from Mary Dirty Farm Face Farm are almost too lovely to eat.




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