Hello Pizza Opening

pepperoni pizza slice from Hello Pizza

Eating a pepperoni pizza slice at Hello Pizza.

“Say one-two-three, hello. One-two-three, cheese!” and snap goes the iPhone. A happy family of pizza fans celebrates the opening of Hello Pizza with a keepsake photograph.

Hello Pizza opened its doors to enthusiastic crowd of local pizza devotees on March 17. In fact, some people could not wait to get in and check out the place.

For months, we watched the construction of Hello Pizza progress in the spot where the Franklin Street Bakery was located. We wondered what the new sister restaurant of Pizzeria Lola be like. We were not alone.

On Saturday, Hello Pizza had a soft opening for staff and regular customers. Some neighborhood residents like me also popped in to see what was happening.

A new restaurant opening in the Morningside neighborhood of northeast Edina creates a buzz of excitement. When that new restaurant is an offshoot of a successful pizza place, curious onlookers can get into a whirl.

The Smokey the Pig pie from Hello Pizza is full of bacon goodness.

The Smokey the Pig pie from Hello Pizza is full of bacon goodness.

Pizza by the Slice or Pie

Hello Pizza has a menu that features creative pizza combinations built on New York-style pies. Make your own custom pizza by starting with a Hello Rita or Classic Cheese whole pie and piling on up to four add ons. Or go with one of the seven signature pie options, including:

  1. Smokey the Pig (with house-cured maple bacon and complimentary accompaniments)
  2. Veggio Supremo (three cheeses, three vegetables, garlic and tomato sauce)
  3. Meatball Ricotta (with homemade meatballs, three cheeses, tomato sauce and oregano)
  4. Artichoke and Spinach (marinated artichokes, fresh spinach)
  5. The New Yorker
  6. Spicy Broccoli
  7. Adobo Chicken

Besides pizza by the slice or whole pizza pies, two kinds of meatball subs and three varieties of salads are available. Still hungry? Try a housemade soft serve sundae cleverly named as Naughty (vanilla with caramel and fleur de sel) or Nice (frozen yogurt with sweet rice mochi).

Items can be purchased for dining in or to takeout. Consider the size of a take out pie – a whopping 18 inches that comes in an impressively large box. For dining in, the pizza is served on dishes that look like paper plate picnic wear but are really durable white plastic. Right down to the plates, Hello Pizza does have an informal, family picnic-like atmosphere.

The tables are arranged in three long rows. During a visit, chances are you will be sitting next to another group or someone else that you do not know. This kind of European-style restaurant seating leads to interaction with others. Isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t nice to go out and see some of your neighbors and to patronize a business that promotes community?

A disco ball on Hello Pizza's ceiling.

A 70s ear disco ball on Hello Pizza’s ceiling reflects retro nostalgia and informality.


Look at the ceiling. Multi-dimensional angles project in and out like an M.C. Escher illustration. A 70s era disco ball whirls mirrors of light behind the busy service counter by the window.

The walls have a slick, shiny surface from a covering of Plexiglas. From floor to ceiling, the décor has a George Jetson cartoon-like modern era vibe.

Family Fun

A visit Hello Pizza can be more than just a restaurant meal, it can be family event. Hello Pizza is a place that the entire family can enjoy. The photo booth is a fun activity kids of all ages can enjoy. The relaxed atmosphere makes conversation easy for everyone. And after all, who does not like pizza?

A server at Hello Pizza.

The friendly staff at Hello Pizza bring hot out of the oven slices to your table.

Pizza and Community

Hello Pizza is more than just pizza. It is a meeting place for a community of pizza fans. With a location at busy 44th and France, along with ties to sister restaurant Lola Pizzeria, Hello Pizza is sure to be a sensation in the neighborhood and beyond.

Try Hello Pizza for yourself and enjoy a slice or two or three? Who’s counting?

Hello Pizza, 3904 Sunnyside Road, Edina, Minnesota 55424, (952) 303-4514. Hours are Sunday – Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. , and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


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