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The Edina Eater searches out fine fabulous food finds in Edina, Minnesota.

The Twin Cities has many food gems among them, Edina truly sparkles. With Edina’s ever growing list of restaurants, bakeries, markets and specialty food shops, the Edina Eater delights in visiting them all in search of culinary excellence. We scour the city in search of a perfect meal, the missing ingredient, and the best food and share our experience here on the Edina Eater.

Sometimes,  deciding on the type of food to eat and where to go get it can be difficult. With the large number of food possibilities available in Edina, the notion of grabbing a bite to eat can spark a prolonged family debate. Usually, a conversation about a proposed food outing starts out with something along the lines of, “Do you feel like eating out?”

Well of course, the answer is almost always a resounding, “Yes.”

The big foodie question comes next, “What kind of food are you in the mood for?”

How everyone is feeling about the day and the moment, determines what will happen. Where to go? When to go? What to eat?


The 50th & France Selective Alternative

That is why 50th & France is a good choice. A fine selection of restaurants, bakeries and food specialty shops are nestled close together. This varied mix of culinary destinations is complimented by an ice cream shop and candy store. If all else fails, Lunds grocery store is brimming with shelves gourmet goodies, along with a Big Bowl Chinese Express take out and live sushi bar.

Of course, Edina food finds extend well beyond 50th and France. Notable places are scattered throughout the suburb and clustered around 44th and France, Southdale Mall and the Edina Galleria. Other prominent places are located near Edina’s border, especially extending into southwest Minneapolis and into Richfield. Still, Edina remains the true heart of the Edina Eater’s territory and much waits to be explored.

The Edina Eater looks forward to guiding you through the glories and opportunities found with all things that have to do with food in Edina. It is a journey that never overlooks what food means to each person and every family. Eat well, live well and be well.

Respectfully yours,

Lee Owens
The Edina Eater



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