Lunds Grocery Shopping and Crème Brûlée

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An otherwise ordinary grocery shopping errand can sparkle even during the busy holiday season. A delight in the unexpected makes a food experience truly memorable.

The Edina Eater did not wander into Lunds grocery store at 50th and France with crème brûlée in mind. The dessert was not on the grocery list.

But the best made plans can change fast with a grocery cart in hand. The Christmas glitter of the dessert case in the bakery section was just too much to resist. So much color to be had in a full menu of dessert delectables. All the magic of Christmas in one bakery display of artisan pastries.

The Allure of Pastry Artistry

The glass ramekins of crème brûlée were particularly eye catching. The added splash of holiday garnishes, including fresh, fire engine-red raspberries, white speckled mushrooms and edible gold tinseled, bittersweet Christmas tree cut out accented the desserts in just the right way. The decorations were cute, festive and edible.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The hard part was choosing what to buy. The decision was narrowed down to crème brûlée but there were three kinds. The staff was all too helpful and obliging. To make choosing easier, the pastry chef even found a tiny sample cup of eggnog crème brûlée. Smooth perfection in a tiny plastic cup. One bite led to not just one crème brûlée purchase but two. “The pistachio crème brûlée is also very good,” the pastry chef exclaimed, and it was her favorite.

So out they came from the beautifully arranged display case – one exquisitely decorated pistachio and eggnog cream brûlée. Into a tidy protective plastic case the pair went. The crème brûlée made it home in good shape. The rest of the evening meal paled in comparison to the elegant grandeur of the creamy dessert gems.

More Sweet Treats

Thank you Lunds for making an ordinary shopping day a special one. Next time, it will be harder to walk by that bakery display without stopping. Another little sweet treat might end up in the shopping cart.


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