Lights on The Lynn on Bryant

Artisan cheese worthy of painting.

Soon the Lynn on Bryant will serve its last plate. The pending closure stings. For a devoted food fan, this loss is hard to take.

The innovative cuisine never disappointed and even brought smiles. Surprises were pleasant ones. Where else would planks of delicate chick pea fries be stacked up like Lincoln Logs?

Chick pea fries stacked up like Lincoln Logs.

Fine dining and kid glove service go hand in hand. Owner and chef Peter Ireland took time to say a friendly hello to customers. Servers shared in his passion for food and doing things the right way.

The atmosphere was as polished as the food was good tasting. During my last visit, every dish was a delightfully different blend of texture and taste.

 the beet checkerboard salad

Appropriately named, the beet checkerboard salad comes with alternating patterned squares of deep red and sunny yellow beets. A fluff of frisee salad dressed in a tangy vinaigrette with a confetti of tomato pieces lightened the dish. Sides of thick date and walnut paste, and soft creamy goat cheese softened the strong flavored veggies.

Even sharing, I could not finish my gnocchi (Italian potato dumplings) with mushrooms seared to a smoky shrivel. Once home, the leftover gnocchi did not occupy my refrigerator long.

Gnocchi (Italian potato dumplings) with mushrooms seared to perfection.

The winter celebration entree made for a filling vegetarian feast. Picture a perfectly molded mound of tiny kaniwa grains. Root vegetable purees and wilted kale with a crunchy fried vegetable topping redefined all that veggies could be.

The quality rivaled a true French bistro; the kind of place that obsesses over small details. The freshest, best available ingredients have heightened flavors. Fresh and local fare guides the way with a steady calendar of close sourced fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Cuisine that truly dazzled and delighted was consistently featured on the Lynn on Bryant menu. The commitment to painstaking presentation is evident. Every morsel is chopped and arranged to a manageable bite.

Lynn on Bryannt waitress is all smiles.

I regret not dining at the Lynn on Bryant more often. How could I have missed their sweet corn tasting menu, five-course tomato celebration and other fine food events? How sad that I state my true admiration for this Southwest Minneapolis landmark at this late hour?

The Lynn on Bryant was my place to go for something special: the combination of reliably stellar-quality food and service made an ordinary day festive. I want to go back for more but Lynn on Bryant will be no more. No, this cannot be. I am not done eating. Don’t turn the lights out please.

lights on wall


The Lynn on Bryant, 5003 Bryant Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55419; (612) 767-7797.


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