Pie Crust: Culinary Art You Can Master

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Fall Baking Begins

When summer turns to fall, the good folks at King Arthur Flour know that baking season begins. King Arthur gave cooking demonstrations on how to make perfect pie dough and how to bake whole grain breads. Two live presentations were given in the Twin City suburbs of Minnetonka, Eagan and Shoreview during the first week of October. Since the Minnetonka presentations were held just over the Edina line at the Marriot Minneapolis Southwest Hotel in Opus, the Edina Eater attended.

What fun a day of food demos can be! They make everything look as easy as pie. After years of baking trial and tribulation, the Edina Eater has a particular interest in pie crust. Even the best cooks, often have trouble with pie crust. Some take the quick way out and buy frozen ones, but you can always taste the difference a homemade crust makes.

Perfect Pie Crust

Good homemade pie crust is a true form of culinary art. We have all suffered through perils of pies with sad soggy crusts or tough waxy crusts. All too often, pie crusts remain uneaten after the filling is gone. Fear not, with a few tips and the right kitchen gadgets, you can overcome the pie crust disasters and make the perfect pie right down to the last crumb.

King Arthur Flour has a step-by-step guide to lead the way to culinary perfection. There is no room for guesswork here. Precision and pie crust go hand and hand. When it comes to pie crust like any artistic masterpiece, every subtle detail matters.

Gather Your Pie Tools

Just like any home project, home baking will lead to better results with the right tools and approach. Begin with good quality, unbleached all-purpose flour (King Arthur recommends to use theirs.) For a perfect pie crust, you need to have a few things on hand you might not normally consider:

  • Time: Read instructions prior to starting, gather utensils and ingredients. A 30-minute refrigerated rest period is required before rolling out the dough.
  • Big stainless steel bowl that you can get your hands into
  • Cold unsalted butter
  • Rolling pin and a big work surface for rolling out the dough

pie making finished pie

The Right Approach for Perfect Pie Crust

Yes, with the right ingredients, tools and baking technique, you can overcome the kitchen chaos caused by frantic pie crust cookery. The Edina Eater had full intentions on showing you how to make pie crust in a few simple steps, but King Arthur already has complete instructions on how to prepare a perfect pie crust. Pie anxiety: simple techniques for well-behaved pie crust features complete instructions on how to get a perfect pie crust. The Edina Eater is as humble as apple pie after trying this tired-and-true King Arthur tested recipe.

The King Arthur method is worth a try. Who knows, you could be well on your way to starting a new tradition of baking perfect pies right down to the crust.

Happy baking and eating in and around Edina.

Lee Owens
The Edina Eater


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    Your links to more information work so well. You have eased my computer frustration… so I can work on perfecting my pie crusts! Thank you for making the connections easy. I enjoy your insights into eating in the neighborhood.

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