Fancy For Fresh Tomato Pie at Lola

Fresh Tomato Pie at Lola

Pizzeria Lola turns summer-fresh veggies into fresh tomato pie pizza glory!


Summer means a lot of nice things here in Minnesota. At Pizzeria Lola, the famed Minneapolis palace of hand-crafted pizza, summer brings fresh tomato pie to the menu.

Drop everything that you are doing and go this renowned pizza place of perfection to get your own fresh tomato pie. No, it is not that good, it is that great!

Fresh Tomato Pie Fancy

Fresh tomato pie how do I love thee? Let me let me start with the ingredients.

Fresh from the farm bright red cherry tomato halves checker the pizza. Rich aromatic fresh basil — full of real Italian Neapolitan sun-drenched flavor — speckles over the top. Below is a smooth layer of creamy buttery mozzarella and Pecorino cheese that melds together bursts of minced fresh garlic and a faint coating of earthy wood-smelling olive oil.

The finishing touch is a quick drizzle of truffle infused honey. Mellowed by the mushroom-like essence of truffle oil, a faint honey sweetness makes each tomato break loose with smile to say, “Gee, I taste terrific.”

Pizzas on table

Pizzeria Lola has fun pizzas on the regular menu too like the My Sha-Roni! (left) and the Xerxes (right).


During the last few years, I have tried and enjoyed many other pizzas at Lola. But the fresh tomato pie reigns as their artisan pizza “supremo” creation. Before this seasonal specialty goes out of season and off the menu, I simply must get another pie. Add Lola’s fresh tomato pie to the joys of a Minnesota summer.

Lola's ceasar salad

Start with Lola’s fun take on a Caesar salad.


Don’t Pass On The Salad Please

Summer also means salads and Lola does those well too. Yes, even the salads are show stoppers here. Begin your meal with a plate of artfully arranged garden-crisp Caesar salad. Big slivers of fine-grade Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano, petals of hearts of palm and a soft-coddled egg adorn the tender leaves of Romaine lettuce. Lola’s Caesar salad is my favorite with all the trimmings and no anchovies, thank you!

vanilla-grapefruit sorbet soft serve ice cream

Oh, the delights of summer — vanilla-grapefruit sorbet soft serve with a twist from Pizzeria Lola.


Dessert — Think Pretty In Pink

How to top off the ultimate summer salad and pizza experience? Pizzeria Lola features feather-light swirls of house-made soft serve ice cream. Besides standard plain vanilla, a refreshing grapefruit flavor is available.

Our waiter said a twist of both was similar to an Orange Creamsicle. No surprise, Lola’s lighter than regular ice cream home-spun combination was even better.

The vanilla-grapefruit sorbet soft serve twist is a more sophisticated take on an old Baby Boomer favorite. And it’s not easy to top a happy childhood food memory! I grew up on the pillow-soft, sugary-sweet, frozen, Orange Creamsicle confection with the polka dot paper wrapper that always stuck to the ice cream. Today, I savor over Lola’s pure snow white and cotton-candy pink ribbons of soft serve elegantly layered in an old-fashioned clear sundae glass.

Fresh tomato pie slice

One piece of fresh tomato pie leads to another until the pizza is all gone.


Pizza And Ice Cream Forever

Fresh tomato pie, tastefully innovative salads, vanilla-grapefruit sorbet soft serve swirl and more – Lola has a pleasing menu of family fun fare. I adore the fine-crafted food and kitschy character of Pizzeria Lola. Pizza and ice cream, some kids never grow up.

Location And Hours

Pizzeria Lola is located at 5557 Xerxes Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410, (612) 424-8334. Hours are Sunday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Pizzeria Lola restaurant patio

The Pizzeria Lola patio is a busy neighborhood spot at Xerxes Avenue South and West 56th Street in southwest Minneapolis.



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