How Now Red Cow

Red Cow booth seating

Pull up a Red Cow booth and stay a while.


“You better prepare yourself, we might just get a little crazy,” the silver-haired lady said with a twinkle in her eye that matched the glitter of her sequined shoes. The giddy group next to us was clad in neon bright hues of purple and red. Red Hat Society ladies fit right in the jovial atmosphere at the Red Cow.

Red Hat Society lady at the Red Cow

At the Red Cow all that glitters is bright red and the food shines with quality!


During the grays of winter, the old Blockbuster on France Avenue South transformed into a slash of lively red. The new neighborhood eatery-tavern came in with a cow theme that includes faux cow fur bar paneling and oversized cow art big enough to moo. The fire engine red booths in the dining room have an old Americana look shadowed with the steadfast gaze of bucolic bovines.

Neighborhood Fans

It didn’t take long for Red Cow to become a popular spot with a loyal following. A mix of families with children, suave singles and seniors fill the place.

The Red Cow charged into the 50th and France dining scene with a big, bold burger. Change can be a good thing, especially when so much good food is involved with a twist of fun. Throw in a few fun surprises and a new neighborhood eating and meeting place is born.

Two Red Cow waitresses

Are those bright Red Cows gleaming from her sunglasses?


Hearty, Wholesome Hamburgers

Hamburgers dominate the menu and are expertly prepared creative ways that show everything a gourmet burger can be. Burger fans young and old appreciate the high quality ingredients and like the long choice of flavors with toppings galore.

The Red Cow does go beyond beef. Unbeef burger selections include everything from bison to elk to chicken to salmon and even a veggie burger.

The veggie love burger has a red hot spicy zing that will make you reach for a beer or some other handy fire-soothing beverage. A cap of avocado salsa and thinly sliced red cabbage tones down the heat. Still, having a cold beer or some other beverage in hand is a good idea.

Brews For Burgers And More

In burger heaven there is beer and at the Red Cow it is a craft brew. Many hail from Minnesota along with a few other American and European picks. Occasionally, the Red Cow has special beer nights that celebrate craft brews.

Happy hour specials include beer, pub food and other bar deals. The Red Cow is a happy place with a happy hour that runs 7 days a week and even more happily this includes cheese curds on the menu.

Red Cow cheese curds

Red Cow has the best cheese curds and throws in housemade triple berry ketchup too.


Come For Curds

Who needs the Minnesota State Fair? The Red Cow prepares cheese curds above and beyond the ordinary. An overflowing paper-lined basket of real Wisconsin dairy curds arrive sizzling to your table. The fresh-from-the-fryer, light-as-air, squeaky cheese curds alone are worth a visit.

What could be better? The cheese curds come with a special condiment that transforms this Midwestern summer event staple into a fried food fantasy. A side of Red Cow housemade triple berry ketchup puts the traditional red stuff to shame. Give a fried cheese curd a good dousing of triple berry ketchup to make the squeak squeal with delights berry seeded flavor.

Tomato soup

All soups are housemade at the Red Cow.


More Menu Mentions

It is possible to go the Red cow and not eat a burger or even cheese curds although I have yet to do so. Other temptations include sandwiches, fish-n-chips, salads, soups and appetizers that lean toward pub fare, including Scotch eggs and yes, good old Minnesota-style cheese curds.

Breakfast Too

The Red Cow started a breakfast service this weekend. Now, you can start your Saturday or Sunday with Red Cow morning pub grub, which promises to be as innovative as regular menu favorites.

Red Cow Location And Hours

The Red Cow is located at 3624 West 50th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410, (612) 767-4411. Hours are Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., Sunday: 11 a.m. to midnight.

Patio dining at the Red Cow

Outdoor patio seats fill up fast at the Red Cow.



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