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The owners and staff at Sun Street Breads work hard to make everything happen.


Simple foods made from scratch bring crowds to Sun Street Breads. A slight southern accent of flavors, spread with a generous layer of community charm pulls everything together. This is a place where neighbors meet neighbors.

In recent years, Nicollet Avenue South has undergone a culinary Renaissance from the urban business core of Minneapolis down to the upscale residential district of Tangletown. Sun Street Breads is a key player in this cultural food movement that emphasizes tasteful quality.

Outdoor seating

Weather permitting, tables are out along Nicollet Avenue.


The space at Nicollet Avenue and 46th Street once occupied by Synder’s Drug Store and a long-gone video store was transformed into a popular eating destination for Twin City locals and visitors alike. Sun Street Breads is an independently-owned working bakery filled with the rich yeasty aromas of fresh out of the oven breads and more.

The service counter area is stacked with shelves of breads, pastries and other baked goods. Selections have a seasonal flavor and change daily.

Vanilla kloche pastries

Vanilla kolache pastries have a rich pudding-like filling.


Blue Ribbon Quality Baking

During the fall, a plum pie was a special feature, which my farm-raised mother claimed to be state fair blue ribbon best. We could not get enough of those cute little, gooey oh so sugary sweet, plum pies baked in small aluminum foil tins. How sad to see the long overly snowy Yukon caliber winter come and no more plum pies.

Plum pie

Plum pies with all the taste of the farm back home were on the menu last fall.


Beyond pie to the more steadfast world of bread, the figgy rye is an all-time favorite star. Earthy grains flecked with textured rye are enlivened with a studded swirl of chewy dried figs. The heavy-flavored yet light-textured bread crumb is cased within a thick crust that takes real time and concentration to chew.

Sweets and Savories

Other foods besides baked goods are available and all are homemade. The southwest Minneapolis-based bakery café serves a pleasantly off-beat mix of food favorites for breakfast and lunch.

Eggs, pancakes, soups, salads and bread-based sandwiches along with a lively assortment of sides are here but with a creative culinary twist. Like balls of mashed potatoes deep fried? A side of potato gordas is just the thing for you.

Sun Street Breads knows how to bring a sparkle to comfort food — morning, noon and early afternoon. Breakfast served all day can really make a place shine. Add a little lunch variation to the menu and everything’s pretty much covered.

Homey, Comforting And Housemade

It is almost a Prairie Home Companion setting. Remember when Garrison Keillor said, “Can we deep fry a Moon Pie for ‘ya?” While, there are no deep-fried Moon Pies at Sun Street Breads, comfort food made from scratch with that homey-real taste abounds. Grandmother would be proud.

After pushing the comfort limits of food, drink it all down with some expertly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea. For the more adventurous, try an artisan-choice bottled beer or some red or white wine. But please don’t forget the biscuits.

crepe biscuit

The biscuit royal makes a nice breakfast or lunch.


Biscuit Bliss

Sun Street Breads takes otherwise ordinary biscuits to new culinary heights. Homemade biscuits serve as the foundation to build innovative combinations of foods and flavors. Biscuit bliss begins here.

A crepe sandwiched between biscuit halves? Why not? The biscuit royal piles a sauté of southern-style, stick between your teeth, cooked greens on top of a delicately folded mushroom and Swiss cheese-filled crepe then nestles everything together between fresh baked biscuit halves. This lacto-ovo-vegetarian friendly biscuit sandwich makes a good breakfast or lunch choice.

For the meat inclined, other enticing selections grace the menu. Pull out all the stops and get a biscuit slavered with a thick as porridge layer of sausage gravy. Biscuit sandwiches come in all forms: the basic – meat or egg and cheese; the basic plus – meat, egg and cheese (why leave anything out?), the juicy piggy – sausage patty stuffed with pepper jack cheese topped with lettuce and tomato, and more.

Weekend Biscuit Specials

If you brave the possibility of lines and visit on a Saturday or Sunday, be sure to check out the weekend biscuit special. Be prepared to try something on the biscuit creative edge. A ham and cheese takes on a whole new meaning in biscuit form at Sun Street Breads. In the recent fall into spring biscuit special, ham was dressed up with brie cheese, fresh arugula, honey-ginger pickled apples and a basted egg.

Regrettably, Sun Street Breads is no longer open evenings. The dinner specials like the naughty piggy will remain a happy food find memory.

Breakfast and lunch still offer many fun food possibilities. Stop in sometime to see what’s baked up for the day.

Sun Street Breads, 4600 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55419, (612) 354-3414. Open daily from 6:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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Sun Street Breads is full of homey touches.




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