Blogging Ethics

A fancy made drink that includes ginger

This special ginger drink concoction served at a Minneapolis food blogger event was worth every penny.

Food blogging and fairness go together. As a former journalist and a supporting photojournalist, I am dedicated to maintaining the same code of ethics I followed as a print publishing professional. As such, the Edina Eater is completely comprised of custom content. Just as all the opinions are my own, all of the content is my own. This rule applies to both copy and photographs. I take every photograph and write every word. Over the years, I have taken many journalism classes, seminars and workshops. Today, I apply the journalism ethics I studied and practiced to everything that appears in the Edina Eater.

No Freebies

There is no free lunch (or dinner, breakfast or snack) for this food blogger. While everyone loves a good deal and the Edina Eater is no exception, I pay for everything. If I am offered something on the house, I leave money on the counter or table any way. That said, I do use coupons and take advantage of specials that are available to everyone else. In fact, I like to let others know about discounts and often mention them on Twitter and Facebook. No payment of any kind is made for the material appearing in the Edina Eater. I am not paid to write, mention or advertise any content that appears in the Edina Eater.

No Favors

During my career, I had the opportunity to serve as coordinator of a farmers market for three years. From my work, I know some Twin City restaurant owners and staff, and many local farmers. My business relationships have no financial obligations or subsequent gains.

All Food Fun

For me, the Edina Eater is all fun. I hope you will join me in an ongoing venture to learn more about foods in and around Edina. Happy eating!