Food Finds

Food Finds

Food choices have never been more abundant and Edina is no exception. A world of food is waiting to be explored. As is true with any journey, the trip is even more enjoyable with a friend along for the ride. Join the Edina Eater in a quest to find new foods in and around Edina.

Good eating eating in Edina is everywhere and goes beyond restaurants or homemade recipes. The area is filled with many food places worthy of a visit. The Twin Cities have a growing reputation for excellent food and some food artisans have gained national acclaim.

Great foods unique to Edina take a variety of forms. The Edina Eater shares stories and experience of a variety of food happenings in and around Edina, including:

The kinds of foods available change with the time of year anywhere. This especially true in Minnesota where summers can get fiery hot and winters can be nothing short of a Yukon clipper deep freeze. Plan for the extremes and enjoy the bounty.

ice cream cookie sandwich

Minnesotans take pride in the ability to eat a large amount of ice cream any time of year. Sebastian Joe’s in Linden Hills makes a tempting ice cream sandwich with homemade raspberry chocolate chip ice cream.